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CNIL (French National Data Protection Agency) :

In accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, all computer data relating to you is processed in a strictly confidential manner. You have the right to access, correct, and oppose the processing of your data. To do so you simply have to make a request to this effect online or by letter giving your: surname, first name and address.


As soon as you enter the website a notification appears in the form of a window to be closed before accessing the website with the information shown below:

By continuing to browse this website, you accept the use of cookies. The aim is to make the website more pleasant to use and also to compile anonymous statistics on visits."

When using the website, information relating to browsing on the user's data terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) on the site may be saved in the "cookies" which are files installed on the data terminal, subject to the choice the user has made concerning the cookies. This choice can be changed by the user at any time.


Only the issuer of a cookie is able to read or change the information that is contained in it.
When the user connects to the site, VALEO SERVICE may, subject to the user's choice, install various cookies on his data terminal that allows VALEO SERVICE to recognise the browser on the terminal used during the period of validity of the cookie concerned. The cookies that VALEO SERVICE issue are used for the purposes described below, subject to the choice of the user, which depend on the settings of the browser software used when he visits the site, and that the user can communicate to VALEO SERVICE at any time.

The cookies that VALEO SERVICE issue are used to :

  • compile statistics and measure the volume of site traffic and the use of the different features that make up the site (sections and content visited, route taken), allow it to make its services more interesting and to improve their user-friendliness;
  • adapt the presentation of the site to the display preferences of the data terminal (language used, display resolution, operating system used  etc.) when visiting the site, according to the display or reading hardware and software that the data terminal contains.


Cookies issued on the site by third parties:

The issue and use of cookies by third parties are subject to the personal privacy protection policies of these third parties. VALEO SERVICE gives information regarding the purpose of the cookies that it has knowledge of and the means that the user has to make choices regarding these cookies via the third party applications integrated into the site:

VALEO SERVICE may include applications provided by third parties on the site, which make it possible to share the content of the site with other persons or to inform these other persons of the consultation or the opinion of the user concerning an element of content on the site. This is the case for example for the "Share" and "Like" buttons, from social networks such as


Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The social network that provides any such application buttons may identify the user by means of this button, even when the user has not used this button during his visit to the site. This type of application button may allow the social network concerned to monitor the user's browsing activity on the site, simply because the user's social network account was activated on his terminal (session open) while he was navigating on the site.


VALEO SERVICE has no control over the process used by the social networks to collect information relating to browsing on the site and relating to the personal data that they have. VALEO SERVICE invites the user to read the privacy protection policies of these social networks to ascertain the purposes, particularly the advertising purposes, of the browsing data that they may collect using these application buttons. These protection policies must in particular allow them to express their choices to these social networks, in particular by changing the settings of their accounts on each of these networks.


Several possibilities are open to users to allow them to manage cookies. Any change to the settings carried out by the user may change the user's browsing activity on the Internet and the conditions of access to certain services requiring the use of cookies.

The user may choose to express and change his preferences regarding cookies at any time, by using the methods described below.

The choices that are offered by the user's browser software:

He may configure his browser software so that the cookies are stored on his data terminal or, on the contrary, so that they are rejected, either systematically, or depending on who issues them. The user can also configure his browser so that the acceptance or rejection of the cookies is proposed before a cookie can be stored on his data terminal. For further details, consult the section "How to exercise your choices, according to the browser you use".

(a) Accepting cookies
The saving of cookies on a data terminal is essentially the Terminal user's decision, that he can express and change at any time, free of charge, by making choices from among those offered by the user's browser software.

If the user has accepted the saving of cookies in his browser software on his Data terminal, the cookies integrated into the pages and content that he has consulted can be stored temporarily in a specific location in his Data terminal. The issuer alone will be able to read them, using that data terminal.

(b) Refusing cookies
If the user chooses to reject cookies on your data terminal, or if he deletes any cookies already stored on it, he will not be able to use a number of features that are necessary to browse certain sections of the site. This would be the case if he attempts to access any of our content or services that require him to log in. This is also the case as concerns technical compatibility when VALEO SERVICE cannot recognize the type of browser used on his data terminal, its default language and display or the country from which his data terminal appears to be connected to the internet.
If the browser is set to reject cookies on the user's data terminal, VALEO SERVICE assumes no responsibility for consequences related to the degraded operation of its services resulting from it not being able to store or view the cookies necessary for the functioning of its services and that the user has rejected or deleted.

(c) How to exercise your choice in the browser you use ?
Each browser has a different way of managing cookies and cookie settings. The configuration of your browser is described in its help menu which will inform you of how to change your cookie settings.
For Internet Explorer ™ :,
For Safari ™ :,
For Chrome ™ :,
For Firefox ™ :,
For Opera ™ :, etc.

The user's choices expressed directly to VALEO SERVICE online:

If the user does not want VALEO SERVICE to store cookies on his data terminal for the purpose of measuring traffic, he can click on this deactivation link, which will store a cookie on his terminal which is designed solely for the purposes of deactivating the traffic services that VALEO SERVICE operates.

Please note that this deactivation relies on a cookie. If the user deletes all the cookies stored on his data terminal (using the browser), VALEO SERVICE will no longer know that he has chosen this option.


If the terminal is used by several people and when one data terminal has several browsers, VALEO SERVICE cannot ensure that the services intended for this data terminal actually correspond to the use of this terminal by the user and not that of another user of this terminal.
If this is the case, the sharing of the data terminal with others and the configuration of the browser settings with respect to cookies is carried out by each user according to his free choice and under his own responsibility.



VALEO SERVICE has made this site available to provide information for its individual users. No commercial use shall be made of the data that are posted on the site, or any part of it, without the prior written permission of VALEO SERVICE. The presentation and the content of this site, taken as a whole, constitute work that is protected by the existing intellectual property legislation, and of which VALEO SERVICE is the owner. No reproduction and/or representation, partial or complete, shall be made without VALEO SERVICE's prior written agreement. VALEO SERVICE's name, logo, and all slogans are, unless otherwise specified, VALEO SERVICE's registered trademarks. All reproduction, use and/or changes that are made without VALEO SERVICE's prior written agreement may constitute an infringement of copyright. The drawings, photographs, images, texts, animated sequences whether accompanied by sound or not, and other documentation posted on this website are covered by industrial and/or intellectual property rights and are, as applicable, the property of VALEO SERVICE or of third parties that have authorised VALEO SERVICE to use the item in a limited manner. In this regard, any reproduction, representation, adaptation, translation, and/or transformation, partial or complete, or transfer thereof to another site is forbidden. The copying of these various protected elements is authorised for private use only. All other partial or complete reproduction, without VALEO SERVICE's prior written agreement; is strictly forbidden.


The drawn, photographed or filmed models may show different finishes, names, optional equipment or optional accessories according to the country in which they are offered for sale. The information contained on this site is not contractually binding on Valeo Service.


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These legal notices are governed by French law. The language of the legal notices is French. In the event of legal proceedings, the French courts will have sole competent jurisdiction.

The publisher reserves the right to change and update access to the site and these legal notices at all times. These changes and updates are imposed upon the user who must therefore refer regularly to this section to check the applicable legal notices.

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