Trust the best technologies for the aftermarket

With an increasing proportion of vehicles equiped with parking sensors, around one third of the passenger cars will have Valeo Park4U® Parking Sensors equipped in OE by 2020. 


  • The Valeo IAM range is O.E.: Valeo is a worldwide leader in Parking Assistance Systems.
  • Only Valeo can replace the O.E. part from Valeo.
  • Certified ISO TC 204 with MALSO standards. 
  • High technology components.
  • Qualititative: robust product that undergo the most drastic tests. 
  • Designed to face the extreme conditions (-40°C and +95°C).

The Technologies

The theory behind the ultrasonic sensor is based on echo-location (like Sonars, used for navigation purposes). The frequency of the sound provides accuracy and remains inconspicuous. As sound hits a solid object, it is reflected back creating an echo. Since the speed of sound is known and constant for similar conditions, (such as wind or humidity to name a few), it is possible to determine the distance of the object emitting an echo by multiplying the speed of sound by half the time it takes to detect the echo (because the echo time is actually the time it takes the sound to hit an obstacle and travel back). 

A growing market:

  • More than 10 Millions vehicles equipped with Valeo Park4U® parking sensors each year!
  • More and more vehicles equipped with Valeo Park4U® technology
  • More and more Valeo Park4U® sensors present on each equipped vehicle

VALEO advantages

  • High quality O.E. products with IAM expertise.
  • Wide coverage: with 15 part numbers covering 165 O.E.S. part numbers and more 40 millions vehicles.
  • Easy storage: standardized range.
  • Easy identification: TecDoc® publication and new catalog “Switches and Sensors” for quick identification.
  • Easy fitting: Plug & Play technology, no electronic configuration needed.
  • Easy integration: a complete offer with paintable sensors and 3 decoupling rings (grey, black, transparent) included.
  • A clever offer.

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