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We at Valeo know the automotive industry has a huge role to play in creating a sustainable future – and that the aftermarket cannot be an afterthought.

We can do our part!

As part of its commitment to tackle ongoing environmental challenges, Valeo’s Aftermarket division has created the I Care 4 the Planet program focusing on three areas to reduce its environmental impact:

  • Contribute to limit CO2 emissions with automotive decarbonization and process optimisation
  • Promote circular economy with reman and repair (waste management)
  • Innovate with Eco-design


Three Key Areas of Focus

Valeo’s I Care 4 the Planet program aims to reduce environmental impact in three key areas:

  • Products
  • Packaging
  • Transportation




With an innovative eco-design, Valeo CanopyTM wiper blades put the environment first, by using a rubber made of more 80% of natural, renewable, or recycled materials and an amazing -61% lower carbon footprint*, validated with a life cycle analysis verified by Bureau Veritas.


Resource preservation

Reman and Repair are an excellent way to give a second life to used products. Valeo currently remanufactures around 1 million parts each year.



As EV is undoubtedly the future of the automotive industry, Valeo progressively increases its portfolio of EV spare parts, Ineez charging solutions, and Retrofit solutions.




To minimize environmental impact, Valeo is aiming to avoid excessive use of materials and reduce single use plastics.



Reuse packaging and pallets are favored to optimize resources. 



Packaging solutions must be designed to be easily recycled


Transportation & Logistics

As important as sustainable materials are, Valeo’s direct delivery and optimisation flow of logistics (road/train/sea) is key to future environmental success.

By creating efficient processes—direct from the factory to customers—Valeo hopes to reverse as much of the negative environmental impact of transportation as possible.


Together We Can Foster a More Sustainable Aftermarket

No single company can create a sustainable industry alone, therefore, Valeo is encouraging all of its aftermarket partners to promote positive changes that benefit a more sustainable automotive aftermarket. 

*compared with Valeo’s Flatblade range.

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