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Car wiper blades

Wiper Systems: Premium and Original Equipment Wiper Blades

Introducing Valeo Wiper Systems: Excellence in Innovation and Performance

Valeo, a globally recognized Original Equipment (OE) manufacturer for light commercial vehicles, leverages its OE expertise to provide a complete range of premium wiper blades and wiper motors. Known for its innovative technologies and stylish designs, Valeo leads the market with products derived from cutting-edge OE technology.

Comprehensive Range of Wiper Blades

Valeo supplies high-quality windscreen wipers to both the Independent Aftermarket and as OE equipment for new vehicles. Our product range includes front and rear wiper blades available under various trusted brands, including:

  • Valeo Canopy™
  • Valeo Silencio™
  • DuraBeam
  • Titanium
  • Ultimate
  • Series 900
  • PIAA
  • Valeo VisioBlade™
  • Wiper Motors

Advanced Wiping Technologies

Valeo collaborates closely with vehicle manufacturers to develop advanced wiping technologies that focus on improving aerodynamics, eliminating noise, and seamlessly blending with vehicle styling. Our windscreen wipers are designed to be:

  • Attractive: Enhancing the visual appeal of the vehicle.
  • Efficient: Delivering superior wiping performance.
  • Adaptable: Easily fitting all vehicle types across different markets and countries.

Valeo's commitment to innovation ensures that our products not only meet but exceed the highest standards of performance and reliability.


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