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VCC Climate Control

Climate Control | Air Conditioning System Parts for Cars

Automotive air conditioning interacts with the engine cooling system and together these mechanisms ensure the thermal and climate balance of the car. While cooling minimizes the heat generated by engine combustion, air conditioning improves the temperature inside the cabin, providing refrigerated or heated air to ensure the comfort of the driver and passengers.

As a result, the main parts of the vehicle air conditioning are installed on the front of the vehicle, very close to the items intended for cooling. This requires the development of increasingly compact, lightweight and efficient components.

Advantages of Automotive Air Conditioning

Vehicle air conditioning captures the outside air, cools or heats it, and then filters it before releasing it into the car cabin. This process provides a number of benefits for the driver and passengers that go far beyond comfort.

Air conditioning and comfort: This is the main function of automotive air conditioning: ensuring climate comfort by providing cooled or heated air.

Efficiency: Allowing the car to pass through the air with closed windows prevents external air from constantly entering the cabin, improving aerodynamics of the car in motion thus reducing fuel consumption.

Health: Activating the air conditioner allows the driver and passengers to keep the windows closed because the supply of filtered air (refrigerated or heated) is guaranteed. This prevents pollutants from entering the cabin.

Valeo automotive air conditioning: originality, comfort and safety

Valeo, a manufacturer of original equipment (OE) for automotive air conditioning systems, develops high-performance components for the vehicle air conditioning system. All products in the range are carefully designed to meet the technical and safety requirements of automakers.

Valeo Service offers the same original parts supplied to the automakers to the aftermarket. That means the customer enjoys the same quality, technology and performance. In addition, Valeo Service has the advantage of offering its technical expertise through its hotline and online trainings


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