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Car Air Conditioner Condensers

Car Air Conditioner Condensers

The car air conditioning condenser is a heat exchanger that converts the refrigerant from a gas to a liquid state. As a part of the car A/C system, the condenser is always located in front of the radiator.

As a leading manufacturer of car air conditioning systems, Valeo has brought several innovations to car condensers, including award-winning water condensers. Valeo’s OE quality and innovative design ensure customer satisfaction with long-lasting, high-performance condensers. Choose Valeo and stay cool with condensers from the car air conditioning experts!

Innovation: Valeo Water Condensers

Valeo’s innovative water condenser uses water instead of air to liquefy air-conditioning refrigerant vapour. In addition to the water-cooled charge air cooler, the water-cooled condenser links the engine cooling loop to the A/C system. Valeo’s water-cooled car air conditioner condensers are part of a specific hot loop/cold loop thermal management architecture.

Valeo’s water-cooled car condenser has several benefits, like a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption compared to conventional car condensers. It also reduces pressure fluctuations in the air conditioning system. 

What’s more, the water-cooled car condenser does not need to be located in front of the radiator, which:

  • Frees up space for additional components in hybrid models
  • Reduces radiator fan electricity use by improving air circulation

Focus On Performance: SHP+ Condensers

Valeo’s patented SHP+ car condensers improve the cooling performance through re-designed micro-tubes and a compact crimping process.

This technology ensures better thermal performance and lower consumption (compressor torque reduction.) This technology has been featured on mass-produced Asian and European vehicles since 2014.

Key Advantages of Valeo A/C Condensers:

  • Fins: Minimal space between condenser fins (less than 1mm of distance between fins) allows for a maximised heat exchange for optimal cooling performance
  • Tubes: Multichannel tubes allow for excellent heat penetration
  • Receiver Drier: Selected models include an integrated receiver drier, enabling more efficient subcooling. Efficient subcooling means that even if the refrigerant level decreases, the air conditioning system remains effective
  • Extensive Coverage: The Valeo A/C condenser range covers a variety of powertrains, including electric and hybrid vehicles

Valeo Expertise

  • Valeo is a complete air conditioning loop expert providing the majority of the A/C and HVAC (Heating and Ventilation A/C) components to car manufacturers
  • Valeo produces car aircon condensers for Car Manufacturers worldwide in OE plants in Europe, Asia and the Americas

Valeo Quality

  • Valeo OE quality ensures a proper fit, saving your workshop time. Valeo car condensers are tested to meet OE standards including corrosion, vibration, and leakage tests
  • Valeo condensers are designed to adapt perfectly to your vehicle with an easy fit. Secure packaging and intensive crash tests ensure our condensers will reach you in perfect condition
  • Valeo car air conditioning condensers minimize the effects of thermal shock to extend the condenser lifespan

Valeo Technology and Innovation

  • Valeo is a one-stop-shop solution for all air conditioning and thermal loop components in your vehicle (Compressor, condenser, blower, radiators, fan systems, A/C accessories, tooling)
  • Valeo Service offers an adapted logistics service with 8 European distribution platforms, and optimized pallet or container offers for fast movers