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Receiver dryer for car air conditioning system

The receiver drier is a component that protects all the other parts of the A/C loop. It is located between the condenser outlet and the expansion valve inlet, on the high pressure side of the circuit. The receiver drier has different roles:

  • To retain moisture and contaminants from the system (during the receiver drier’s life time)
  • To finalise and secure condensation of the fluid
  • To compensate for the variations of fluid volume
  • To ensure oil return to the compressor Regularly replacing the filter prevents serious failures and the costly replacement of other components in the air conditioning system.


The receiver drier must be replaced whenever the circuit is opened. For example, if the condenser is damaged after an accident, the receiver drier must be replaced, or the desiccator will no longer retain the humidity in the circuit, and will become saturated. It plays a very important role, as the receiver drier is hygroscopic. Therefore it is essential to obey the basic rules when replacing it on a vehicle otherwise the new receiver drier may be damaged. Receiver driers are fitted with compulsory plugs that must be removed as late as possible, i.e. just before they are installed. Valeo Info: Replace the receiver drier approximately every 3 years. If the receiver drier is not replaced, the operation of the loop will deteriorate and there is a risk of a breakdown (blocked expansion valve, impurities in the circuit, etc.). In any case, the receiver drier must be installed in the loop at the very last moment, just before the vacuum procedure.


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