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Car Compressors for Air Conditioning | Valeo Service

Car Compressors for Air Conditioning | Valeo Service

Valeo's New Car Compressors

The A/C compressor is the driving element of the cold A/C loop and is also the most technically complex part of the system. Valeo offers a full range of new car compressors with different technologies to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

Why Choose Valeo Technologies and Innovations ?

  • Valeo is the only automotive supplier that offers a three-part compressor range: 
    • Origins for OE New compressor
    • Core-Flex for OE New compressor
    • Re-Gen for Remanufactured compressor
  • Valeo offers free expert technical services including technical training, hotlines and detailed fitting instructions and bulletins in the Tech@ssist portal
  • A single Part Number (699357) covers over 22 million vehicles in Europe (PQ35 and MQB platforms)

60 Years of OE Experience at Your Service

  • As pioneers in the development of the first A/C compressors, Valeo is today recognized as an OE expert
  • Valeo is of the world’s leading manufacturers of Air-Conditioning Systems
  • Valeo has an OE presence all over the world, with plants located in Europe, Asia and America

Take a Closer Look

Discover comprehensive product information in TecDoc, Valeo’s online technical catalog.

You’ll find the car compressor’s principal technical characteristics and three different views of the part (whole product/pulley/connector)



Valeo Reman Compressors

The compressor is among the most expansive A/C loop components while also being a driving element. Thus, Valeo has developed reman as a cost-effective alternative for your customers

Valeo has mastered the reman process into the following steps:

  1. Collecting the cores and sorting them according to technical features
  2. Disassembling the cores, with the pump on one side, and the clutch on the other
  3. Washing all parts 
  4. Remanufacturing the sub-components
  5. Testing the sub-components according to a 45-point checklist (visual, electric and functional)
  6. Systemically replacing all worn parts with new components (O-rings, seals, bearing) to ensure durability
  7. Testing the finalised compressor to ensure product safety: 
    1. Leak test
    2. Functionality test
    3. Nitrogen fill test 

Valeo's best-in-class reman process is based on OE processes and specifications. The end result is a cost-efficient part which reduces waste (+1kg Reman = -1kg CO2)

Why choose Valeo reman compressors?

  • Valeo reman compressors are made according to OE specifications
  • 100% of the compressors and their components are fully tested during the production process


Whether a vehicle is powered by an internal combustion engine or an electric motor, the compressor plays a major role in the cooling/heating loop. Discover the innovative design of Valeo’s compressor solution for battery electric & hybrid vehicles

  • A Scroll Design: Made for low vibration and low-noise for enhanced passenger comfort, featuring best-in-class NVH
  • An Integrated Electric Motor: Runs the compressor even when the engine is off to maintain a comfortable cabin temperature, saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions
  • A Specific Mounting Design: Muffles high speed noise and vibration for a quieter drive

Why Choose Valeo Electrically Driven Compressors? 

  • High Performance: High cooling capacity for both cabin air conditioning and battery thermal management
  • Ultra Compact: Light weight for lower energy consumption
  • Maximum Durability: Structurally designed for heat and vibration resistance