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Valeo Titanium All in One wiper blades

Titanium features Valeo’s latest technology including the patented Pyramid beam blade design with Tec2™ rubber formula.  The Pyramid beam blade design creates 3-point air flow control for even pressure and optimal windshield contact.  The special Tec2™ rubber provides all-weather durability and smoother wiping performance.  Installation is just one, easy click-away!


Product benefits include:

  • Enhanced High-Speed Performance: Patented 3-D spoiler design and curved metal spline provides optimal windshield contact for enhanced high-speed wiping performance.
  • Easy Installation: The All-in-One adapter system fits popular arm types for quick and easy installation. The Titanium beam blade comes pre-installed with a multi-connect adapter, and covers 9 arm types (Hook, Side Pin, Bayonnet, Top Lock Pinch Tab, Top Lock Push Button, Narrow Side Lock, Push Button Narrow and Side Lock)
  • All-Weather Durability: Valeo’s Tec2™ Synthetic rubber is specially formulated with graphite coating for longer lasting, smoother wiping performance in all weather conditions.
  • Optimal Visibility: Unique low-profile design helps prevent against ice and snow build-up for optimal visibility in extreme weather conditions.
  • Available Sizes: Lengths from 14”-28"
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