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Valeo Ultimate wiper blades series


The Ultimate Wiper Blade Series includes six unique lines: Traditional, Beam Original, Beam Hook, Rear Blade.  All the lines (except Rear Blade) come with an innovative wear indicator that assists drivers in knowing when the blades need to be replaced.   

Valeo’s exclusive, patented wear indicator is a built in, visual dot showing the driver when it is time to replace the blades.  The indicator changes from black to yellow, giving the car owner or technician a clear signal it is time to get new Valeo blades!  The wear indicator makes it easier than ever for any technician or service writer to get the replacement blade sale.

Ultimate Traditional is a conventional wiper that provides lasting performance.  Expect quick, easy installation with the pre-installed U-hook adapter. 

Ultimate Beam Original is for vehicles factory equipped with beam style blades.  Valeo’s Tec3 rubber technology allows for high performance and extreme weather durability.


Upgrade from conventional blades with Ultimate Beam Hook.  Enjoy high speed performance of a Beam Blade with its patented 3D Pyramid spoiler design.

Ultimate Rear Blade is a specific rear blade range.  Both beam and composite blade technology make up this line.  Valeo is offering its OE Technology. An Exact Match for OE fit, form and Function.

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