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With the recent launch of its INVENT Innovation Valeo Event, Valeo has embarked on an exciting new adventure, which allowed Valeo and its customers to gather around and discover new technologies and innovations for the aftermarket.

Revealing the Future to the Present…

Through an immersive phygital event, which brought together more than 1000 Valeo customers in 27 countries around the world, Valeo presented its attendees with a brand new perspective on Valeo’s upcoming innovations and technologies for 2024. 

During the last weeks of 2023—in Italy, Poland, China, France, Brazil, Turkey, and beyond—Valeo shared key trends in the automotive industry, and revealed initiatives for local markets that will fuel business collaborations in 2024.

As a global leader in Electrification and ADAS, Valeo shared its brand new STEPS strategy, with the intention of remaining a trusted, smart, and sustainable partner that provides its customers with a premium experience, groundbreaking products, and top-quality services.

INVENT was a great opportunity for Valeo to showcase its ability to both innovate and INVENT the aftermarket of the future.


An Overwhelming Success

All in all, it was a groundbreaking event, with 80% of Valeo’s partners and customers giving a post-INVENT satisfaction score of 9 to 10 and huge praise : 

“INVENT is a combination of incredible energy, passions, experience, knowledge, technical background that gives us an insight into the present but also the future of the aftermarket.”

“An innovative and interactive event which convinced us that we are ready to shape the future together with Valeo.”

This success of the INVENT event was not just limited to partners, but also present in Valeo’s teams. In the words of Marlène Carrias-Iked, VSA Strategic Marketing & Digital Vice-President : 

“Invent is not just an event, it's a testament to Valeo's unwavering commitment to innovation and collaboration. As we shared our ambitious plans for the upcoming year, we are confident that these insights will fortify our partnerships.”