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With colder weather, with shorter days and snow in some regions, it’s a good time to think about your car’s visibility systems - your lighting and wiping systems. Lighting is more than just your headlights, and wiping is more than just your wipers!

Light the way, inside and out

When you think of car lighting you probably think of your car’s headlights. And for good reason. Your car’s headlights play a crucial role in visibility – they light up the road in front of you and at night they alert oncoming drivers to your presence.

It is estimated that the risk of having a car accident at night is 3 times higher than during the day, almost half of fatal accidents occur when it is dark although only 20% of all journeys are driven at night. *

As our days get shorter, ensure your headlights are functioning properly. It is important to note that your car’s lighting system is more than just your headlights. All your car lights play an important role in your visibility and safety. Your rear lights and indicators are integral to road safety and accident prevention. Ensure they are all functioning correctly and consider installing LED lamps.  LED lamps burn brighter than normal halogen lamps, increasing your visibility, and they use less energy which means lower CO2 emissions.

With Valeo, the future of car lighting is looking bright!  When it’s time to change your car lighting, you can trust Valeo!

A clear view of the road 

Considering almost all of a driver’s visibility is through the windscreen, a clean and clear view is imperative to road safety. And yet, wiping systems remain one of the most overlooked aspects of a car’s visibility system. 

If your wipers leave traces, are noisy or don’t completely clear your windscreen of water it’s time to replace them. Once they are replaced you can help maintain proper wiping by taking a few simple steps:

  • Ensure your windscreen is kept clean - debris can damage wiper blades
  • Always defrost the windshield in winter before using wipers – ice can damage the wiper motor and blades
  • Only use windshield washer fluids - household cleaning products can deteriorate the blades

Valeo is the world leader in wiping systems, supplying both Original Equipment and aftermarket wiper blades.  Valeo is also at the forefront of wiper design. Valeo collaborates closely with vehicle manufacturers on future wiping technologies, including a focus on aerodynamics, noise and flawlessly blending with each individual vehicle’s design.

Valeo offers comprehensive range of front and rear wiper blades in a variety of differentiated brands such as Valeo Ultimate™, SWF and Valeo Silencio. Designed to be as stylish as they are efficient, Valeo wiper blades are easily adapted to all vehicle types.

Trust Valeo for all your wiper needs!  


*Source : Valeoscope Lighting Systems (2015)