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Wiping Systems for Passenger Car

Car wiper blades

More than just wiper blades

Valeo, one of the leading wiper systems original equipment manufacturer, brings to the aftermarket a complete range of wiper blades.

A technology leader

Valeo supplies wiper blades to both the Independent aftermarket and the OE market. Valeo maintains its position as a market leader through innovative styling and continual technological advancements.  

Need wiper blades?

Valeo has a comprehensive range of front and rear wiper blades in a variety of differentiated brands including Silencio, SWFand First. Designed to be as stylish as they are efficient, Valeo wiper blades are easily adapted to all vehicle types, according to the market.

At the forefront of wiper design

Valeo collaborates closely with vehicle manufacturers on future wiping technologies, including a focus on aerodynamics, noise and flawlessly blending with each individual vehicle’s design. Valeo remains a true trailblazer in wiping systems.


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