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Valeo Ineez charging cables and mobile chargers
Valeo is launching its brand new range of charging cables and mobile chargers for battery electric (BEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). This new range, known as Valeo Ineez, will meet the needs of drivers everywhere.


Welcoming Valeo Ineez!


Valeo Ineez fits in perfectly with Valeo’s sustainable approach – I Care 4 the Planet – to reduce the impact that the automotive industry has on the environment while heading towards the goal of achieving zero CO2 emissions by 2050. 

Upholding the values of being stressless, easy-to-use, sustainable, reliable, and high quality, Valeo Ineez’s mission is to “take charge” and be a key part of the global transition to sustainable mobility. And with an increasing number of countries banning or limiting thermal engines across the planet, the need to transition to electrification is only accelerating.


Best of Both Worlds


In order to create its Valeo Ineez range, Valeo had to harness all of its expertise as a global specialist and one of the OE market leaders in vehicle electrification. Arriving as one of the largest EV charging solution ranges on the market, Valeo Ineez will launch a complete range of 21 references for mobile chargers and 12 references for charging cables to meet all market requirements.

To meet the high-quality standards along with a top-notch service, a dedicated Valeo Ineez website has been launched. A well designed platform offering a unique and a consumer-oriented product selector, a tool that helps meet the drivers expectations by allowing them to choose the right product based on their own needs in terms of charging speed, cable length and car configuration. The website also provides a wide range of valuable information such as product features, technical support as well as EV knowledge.


Mobile Chargers


First up, Valeo Ineez’s mobile charger allows drivers to charge their cars from any domestic/industrial socket for complete adaptability. The range will provide the following options:

  • 3 cable lengths (5m / 7.5m / 10m)
  • 4 charging speed varieties (Normal / Optimized / Quick / Accelerated) 
  • 4 plug types (UK plug / Schuko / CEE Blue / CEE Red) connecting to the electrical network
  • Covering all European vehicles connector types (Type 1 / Type 2)


Charging Cables


Valeo Ineez’s charging cable offering, meanwhile, allows drivers to charge at 100% European charging stations. The range also covers all other needs due to its length and charging speed variety, by providing:

  • 2 cable lengths (5m / 10m)
  • 4 charging speed varieties (Normal / Optimized / Quick / Accelerated)
  • Both European standardised vehicle connector types (Type 1 / Type 2)
  • European standard charging stations connector (Type 2)


Up and Away!


Offering one of the most complete packages (total compatibility/different cable lengths/various charging speeds), Valeo Ineez cables and mobile chargers will be available both to the IAM market and drivers via a broad network of suppliers. The Valeo Ineez cable range was distinguished with the 1st prize in the equipment category by Auto Plus, the N°1 French automotive magazine. 

In Europe, Valeo Ineez cables and mobile chargers will be sold in traditional distribution networks, department stores, in supermarkets, at auto centers and on eCommerce channels. 

With the cost of fuel going up in recent years, the sale of rechargeable vehicles is also on the up. No matter the type of rechargeable vehicles and no matter the charge location, Valeo Ineez will be there with a charging cable and mobile charger solution. Additionally, Valeo Ineez now boasts a full range of EV charging stations with universal, reliable solutions for easy vehicle charging at home, work or in public car parks, providing unparalleled convenience.

Let Valeo Ineez take charge ! 


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