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Valeo Releases New Heavy Duty Compressor Catalog

Valeo has announced the release of its 2017 HD Compressor Catalog. Featuring more than 400 references, this 24 page catalog includes application coverage for Light Truck, Commercial Van, Refrigeration, Agricultural, Recreational, School Bus, and Heavy Transport vehicles.

The catalog is formatted for simple product lookup.  It is organized by technical product specifications including diameter, mount groove, armature plate, voltage, fitting/port, terminal, oil type, and oil amount.


In addition, the catalog features technical specification drawings and a comprehensive competitive interchange.

Valeo Heavy Duty compressors are developed using only the highest quality components and latest technology.  Products are tested to the strictest of standards, combining its signature engineering and advanced technology to deliver unparalleled precision and reliability.  Valeo delivers optimal performance and efficiency under the harshest conditions to meet the unique needs of today’s Heavy Duty systems.

The new catalog is now available in two easy-to-use formats, an interactive digital catalog and a physical copy.