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Car starters


Choose the right part from the start with Valeo Premium Starters.

Valeo drives innovation, with more than one century of experience in rotating machines, from conventional starters to latest generation compacts and reinforced starters. The Valeo new starters range provides high standards of performance and quality to ensure premium customer satisfaction. The reliability, the safety and the best quality of new products are driven by constant innovation and high quality testing criteria.

Valeo Testing & Innovation

Speed, temperature and electrical measurement tests are run up to 40,000 cycles to ensure the performance and reliability of new Valeo starters. In addition, Valeo starters undergo extreme condition testing (noise, vibration, corrosion and durability) to ensure reliability under the harshest conditions. 

Valeo answers all markets needs thanks to a large range of technological evolution. Permanent magnets or wound field inductors, reduction gears, shock absorbers and pinion-out starters for diesel applications are just some examples of technical developments. The last generations of starters, such as the TS and the TSC, provide higher power and efficiency in a more compact design than previous solution starters. This allows an easier integration into the engine environment without reducing the performance. 

When looking for quality, durability and uncompromised performance, choose the right part from the start. Choose Valeo premium starters.

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