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As a leading automotive company in combating climate change, Valeo was extremely happy to participate at the second edition of the N! Climate Day.

Towards A Sustainable Aftermarket Supply Chain

Taking place during the NEXUS Business Forum in Monaco, on March 5th 2024, NEXUS Climate Day represents the entire supply chain, and brings together over 100 individuals from 50 dedicated companies, including global suppliers, regional distributors, associations, and rating agencies.


Together, they focus on the common mission of sustainability. Through shared testimonials and industry insights, participants actively targeted tangible solutions, initiatives, and best practices to produce a sustainable roadmap for limiting climate impact.

Valeo’s sustainability approach for the aftermarket

Marlène Carrias Iked, Vice-President for Strategic Marketing and Digital & Innovation, was there to represent Valeo Service.

In discussion with Stéphane Freitas of Nexus, she gave an update on both Valeo’s ‘I Care 4 the Planet’ program and Valeo Canopy™, its new sustainable wiper blade.


The ‘I Care 4 the Planet’ Program

Marlène Carrias Iked explained that ‘I Care 4 the Planet’ covers all of the Valeo aftermarket initiatives aimed at reducing any adverse impact of Valeo’s activities on the environment: “ the program encompasses 3 key areas in which Valeo Service has made great progress in 2023: Product, Packaging, Transportation. And even more than this, the ‘I Care 4 the Planet’ program encourages each of us to play our part.


Valeo Canopy™

Valeo Canopy™, the first wiper blade designed for sustainability – product design, packaging design, production flow – was launched in the second half of 2023 in Europe and China.

Valeo has made significant efforts to source its components from within Europe, with localized production in a low-carbon emission factory in the heart of France.

As a result, Valeo achieved a 61% reduction in CO2 emissions in Europe, as independently verified by Bureau Veritas.  

To make sure Valeo Canopy™ has an immediate and sustainable impact, Valeo has also engaged with two Nexus members, Alternative Autoparts as a distributor and Speedy, as the first retail chain in Europe, to sell Valeo Canopy™


With Valeo’s support, Speedy is ready to launch Valeo Canopy™ in all its franchise workshops and branches this coming month!

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