Brake fluid

The brake fluid is the core of the braking system. It ensures that the entire power generated by the brake pedal, brake booster and electronic braking system, such as ABS or ESP, is fully transmitted to each wheel. In contact with the heat generated by contact between the friction material and the wheel, a premium brake fluid has to resist high temperatures to avoid the “vapour lock” phenomenon. This reaction appears when the temperature inside the brake system is higher than the boiling point of the brake fluid, and causes a drop in the braking efficiency. This is why it is mandatory to regularly control and change the fluid in the brake system as soon as the boiling point is lower than 180°C. Thanks to its permanent focus on quality and innovation, Valeo delivers its knowledge as a premium supplier in automotive industry, with solutions dedicated to the aftermarket for each application.


The most suitable product is available for each need:

  • Optimal resistance to boiling point, far exceeding the standards - Varied contents, adapted to all requirements
  • Brand new packaging for optimized storage and quicker identification Valeo info Test the quality of Brake Fluid regularly with the Valeo Brake Fluid Tester and operate a complete bleed of the system approximately every two years.

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